Just like the women’s European Championship, a web-based mapping service we developed a number of years ago is coming home to RGS!

Xpedition2 is an advanced mapping system for the sophisticated adventurer giving users access to more layers of information than anything else on the market. It now has thousands of users and subscribers, and demand is growing amongst runners and walkers who particularly like to get off the beaten track on multi-day trips. It’s sold by major outdoor retailers alongside the devices people use to navigate when out and about in the hills.

So, when the company we developed Xpedition2 for decided they wanted to focus their energies elsewhere, we were keen to take back the reins.

Rob Holmes, MD at RGS IT, said: “Xpedition2 is something we’re really proud of. It’s software that perfectly illustrates the combination of creativity and technical skill that is the hallmark of the way we work. We’re excited to be back in the driving seat and looking forward to developing Xpedition2 further still.”

What is Xpedition2?

Xpedition2 enables users to plan trips anywhere in the world and overlay routes with detailed information about the lie of the land so that new or little used routes can be navigated and hazards can be avoided.

Multi-day routing where several routes can be viewed simultaneously, along with split routing which enables two maps to be viewed on one screen at the same time, means users have the ultimate flexibility in planning brilliant trips.

Future plans

Whilst it’s a highly functional software service as it stands, we have lots of ideas for further development, as Rob Holmes explains:

“We believe it’s the most sophisticated mapping tool on the market so are keen to maintain a great service to all the current users but also add new functionality and ensure it can integrate with all the popular hand-held devices.

“We’ll be surveying all the users to ask for their input on how to add functionality or improve the service, it will be crucial to get their involvement in the future development of Xpedition2.

“The ultimate goal is to create easy-to-use technology that gives people the flexibility and freedom to plan exciting trips to any part of the world, knowing that they are prepared for any terrain they might encounter. And for us, it’s exciting to be once again working on a sophisticated software service where the only limit is our imagination!”

Find out more about Xpedition2 here.

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