Bespoke software development takes many forms. With the current COVID-19 situation, we have utilised data from a number of sources to build a global and UK-wide picture of the pandemic. Interesting in itself, of course, but also illustrative of our approach to software development in that it shows how we can take data and present it in a format that’s quick and easy to interpret and use.

Since the first iteration of our COVID-19 heatmap went live, we’ve made some improvements and added a couple of neat new features. Visit the interactive tool here

UK Focussed Regional Data

Firstly, you can now see UK specific, regional figures by selecting the ‘UK’ option at the top right of the page.

This shows UK regional COVID-19 data, updated daily at 5am.

Don’t forget, you can click the ‘play’ button to run the animation feature.

Global country-specific ‘R’ profile data

One of the most important statistics that we all need to focus on is the “R” value – the rate at which one infectious person will pass on the infection. A value of “1” means that 1 person will pass on the infection to one other person before they stop being infectious. A value of “R” that is higher than 1 means that the infection rate will increase exponentially, below 1 means it will die away – so the short message is “over 1- bad, below 1, good”. We have now added “R” profile data to every country on our visualisation. Just click on the heat-bubble for the country you are interested in to see a profile chart of the “R” value over time. Hopefully they are all heading in the right direction now.

Click on the ‘Full Screen’ button to zoom the chart to the whole of your screen.

Hopefully you find the information useful and informative.
As always, the data is updated daily at 05:00, shortly after it is published by John Hopkins University, who aggregate data from official government sources around the world.

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