If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that people can – and in a lot of instances prefer to – work remotely. While this is great for the recruitment sector, as it means easy and efficient access to candidates despite their geographic location, it does signal a long-term change in how your attract the best talent to your business.  It’s time to make your website and digital recruitment process mobile-friendly.

Why is mobile recruitment important?

Being a candidate-friendly recruiter has lots of benefits.  Not least, making it easy for candidates to see your available roles and undertake the selection process wherever they are means you’re better equipped to attract the best talent.

Simple things, make a big difference, like mobile-friendly recruitment and job listings.  In our quickly digitised world, candidates are all about instant communication, convenience, ease, and simplicity. They want to access and apply for their dream job now, wherever they are.

Apart from the practical benefits for candidates, having mobile-friendly recruitment programmes in place can positively influence the applicant’s experience and give them a great first impression of the employer – it’s as though you are creating a brand to market to your consumer. This new, online and mobile recruitment strategy has been termed: “employment branding” – it relies on companies creating and maintaining relationships with passive scrollers/consumers who later become job seekers.

What can you do to be more mobile-friendly?

Mobile recruiting already exists and includes the integrated use of digital channels like your website, career sites, apps, recruiting via text message or email, and the strategic use of social media. Adopting some of these behaviours is key to attracting the best clients straight from their pocket.

1) Mobile-friendly websites

Candidates are increasingly using their mobiles or tablets to look for jobs – not only because it is convenient, but because they can do so on the move. There’s no waiting until you get home to use your PC and start browsing – everything you need to find and apply for your perfect role is literally at your fingertips in an instant. This is especially true with the increasing use of cloud technology, which allows candidates to access their files and apply for a job straight from their mobile no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Consequently, your website needs to be accessible to prospective candidates on all devices, but if you have to choose, it should be mobile-first. Users won’t scroll around an unclear website trying to find where to apply, they will simply look elsewhere and find a different role.

User experience (UX) is key – a website that’s simple, clear, and intuitive with minimal clicks and a single sign-on via social app logins and auto field completion. Not only will candidates be able to apply easily, but you’ll also receive higher search engine ranking to boot.

2) Social media

The new generation of job hunters is spending hours scrolling through social media feeds every day – so what better way to entice new, fresh, quality talent than with social job ads?

Many social media platforms are already making the most of this by offering specific features to companies to pursue passive and active job seekers. This kind of technology offers one distinct benefit which desktop websites don’t – the ability to connect with and eliminate candidates based on their geographical location.

Because social media can be an incredible time-sap, your use of social media should be integrated with your CRM, to make your efforts more targeted and easier to follow up.

3) Mobile apps

A purpose-built app which suits your company’s process is great for building a relationship with prospective candidates, existing applicants, and current employees.

Once a candidate has expressed interest in a role or company, having an app they can download to track their application or monitor vacancy updates makes them part of a community. You can send them push notifications and reminders, and they’ll see your app whenever they check their phone. This allows you to get in front of interesting candidates simply and easily.

Our experienced team can help you develop an app tailored to your needs, enabling you to share company information, job listings, and create customer prospect gathering forms, while giving candidates a space to share and store details on their dashboard of their social channels, applications, resumes, websites, and other relevant documentation.

And, because the human resources process doesn’t end once you’ve found the candidate, apps can also help you to manage and communicate with existing employees by providing a platform to share employee manuals, manage profiles, update employees’ personal details, submit payslips and timesheets – and a myriad of other necessary functions.

Mobilise Your Future

The future is mobile, it’s imperative to continue to adapt. Having the best technology in place and meeting candidates where they spend a lot of their time can help speed up and simplify the recruitment process and help you to work with the best talent.

Simply put, you need mobile-friendly tech to be able to understand your candidate and reach them at the right time, in the right place, and on the right device.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to mobilise your recruitment in 2021 – we can help you create the right software to attract the best clients online, right from their mobile.

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