A few months ago we were invited to become part of a digital innovation initiative (LCR4) for manufacturing businesses in the Liverpool City region. It’s been an insightful time as we’ve been out and about meeting forward-thinking businesses that want to explore how they can use technology to innovate and grow.

Manufacturing is something of a specialist area for us. The key, as always, lies in understanding how a business works so that we can identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve productivity, to achieve competitive advantage by helping the business to ‘do things better’.

The businesses we work with usually have a specific challenge and know they need to embrace technology, but they’re not 100% sure where to focus their efforts or how to approach a project. The LCR4 initiative has led to some fascinating discussions about the issues faced by north west manufacturers. Technology is undoubtedly the key to ensuring the region’s businesses remain ahead of the game.

About LCR4
LCR 4.0 is a collective network of expertise, supporting SMEs and supply chains to adopt the right digital technologies to gain competitive advantage. It explores the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0 (the 4th Industrial Revolution).

4IR is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK manufacturing businesses and associated supply chains to increase productivity and improve competitiveness.
With LCR4, we’re one of a group of partners providing support to SMEs and supply chains to adopt the right digital technologies to gain competitive edge.

Through regional fully funded projects, SMEs across the North West can access bespoke support in developing their digital strategies, digital supply chains and help in adopting the right tools.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). LCR 4.0 creates a collaborative community that connects SMEs to expertise and intensive support from key knowledge assets in the region. LCR 4.0 is a partnership between the University of Liverpool (Virtual Engineering Centre), Liverpool John Moores University (Faculty of Engineering & Technology), Liverpool City Region LEP, Sensor City and Hartree Centre.

According to Liverpool John Moores University, LCR 4.0 is a UK manufacturing first, ‘putting Liverpool City Region at the heart of a manufacturing evolution. The project brings together key assets with the skills and expertise to support industrial growth, merging the virtual and physical world to ultimately transform modern manufacturing and associated supply chains’.

Anthony Walker, LJMU Strategic Manager, LCR 4.0 said: “We are often asked by SMEs ‘What does the 4th Industrial Revolution mean for my business?’ LCR 4.0 can help cut through the jargon, and put simply, we can help with the development of smarter products, processes and supply chains to increase productivity. The collection of world-class expertise in the project is focused on improving the competitiveness of our local SMEs, and the focus is providing the ‘right’ support at the ‘right’ time to really make an impact on manufacturing and associated organisations in the Livepool City Region.”

Visit the LCR4.0 website.

Visit the LJMU LCR4.0 website.

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