1. What is it about Xpedition2 that makes it such an interesting piece of technology to work on?

Any tech with a strong visual element is exciting, but we love maps. All the best people love maps! Catherine, our client services manager, spent her teenage years orienteering, and we’ve spent our adulthood walking, mountain-biking, cycling, skiing and snowboarding in the hills. Maps are at the heart of our leisure interests.

  1. I know you’re keen to introduce new features – what have you got planned for Xpedition2 in the near future?

In the short term, we’re looking at further integrations with other platforms so that you can use Xpedition2 to create and maintain routes for use on a wider range of devices and communities. Strava is on our list for sure.

  1. You’ve already received lots of positive feedback from users, that must be encouraging. What’s it like to work on a project like this?

There are some very passionate users out there and we love hearing about their adventures.

  1. As software developers, you usually support businesses and not consumers. Is this very different for you and if so, in what ways?

Yes this is a very different business for us, as we’re normally operating in a B2B environment. When you change things in a B2C business you get an avalanche of messages instead of just one! However, we’re really enjoying this aspect because it gives us a chance to have direct access to a wide range of user insights. People get in touch with their ideas and comments (positive and negative). They also share their own experiences and outdoor adventures.

  1. Software development requires you to be behind a computer much of the time but have you and the team been inspired to get outside more as a result of working on Xpedition2?

We aim to get out in the field as much as we can. We were already passionate about the outdoors but this allows us to get out more with the excuse that we are working!

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