We’re pleased to be exhibiting at Chester’s 11th Business Show on 10th November 2021. This event is designed for everyone from sole traders to large scale-ups to get together to learn new skills and network with like-minded professionals.

You can register for FREE here – we look forward to seeing you there.

About Chester Business Show

After running their last event virtually, this year, Chester Business Show are back – hosted by Hashtag Events – to bring a face-to-face networking event for businesses across Cheshire and North Wales.

Hosted at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa in Chester on Wednesday 10th November 2021 from 10 am – 3 pm, the event is set to include a range of keynotes and seminars from world-class business leaders (all free to attend), opportunities for 1-2-1 networking, connection possibilities with over 20,000 attendees on LinkedIn and via the event app, and the time to learn best practices and state of the art tricks tips and techniques to get ahead of the competition and see emerging trends.

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Our participation

With the world of business going through a rapid digital transformation following the pandemic, we think it’s important that all attendees – whether sole traders or large-scale incorporations – understand the importance of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and its myriad of uses. For example, whether you require a work from home solution or a desk-booking software as you manage your workforce’s return to work, we’re hurtling towards a greater need for cloud-based services to solve our everyday problems.

That’s why our focus for the day will be about IIOT and how you can utilise developing tech to maximise your business’ efficiency, profitability, and productivity, boost innovation and save time and resources – no matter how large or small your organisation may be.

What is IIOT?

IIOT is about forming an ecosystem for an organisation whereby people, systems, and devices are connected to a secure, private network where they can quickly communicate and share data.

It incorporates cloud platforms, sensors, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and multiple-device communication to highlight areas where efficiency can be improved and inform better decision making before problems arise.

For example, if we look at aircraft engines, it’s vital that the engineering and machinery is properly functioning before the plane takes off. Using IIOT, ‘proactive maintenance’ can be carried out on aircraft engines. This entails installing devices inside the engines that connect to the engine manufacturer’s wider ecosystem and continually check and report on the engine’s health status. This application of IIOT technology allows for breakdown prevention as well as maximising resources and minimising delays since fewer manual checks are required on engines and internal machinery.

How can IIOT improve my organisation?

However, this is only one example of the heights IIOT can take us to. This fascinating developing technology can gather and link together a myriad of data from various sources including:

  • Temperature, humidity, air pressure, and gas in various machine components
  • Motion using an ecosystem of sensors
  • GPS tracking and navigation modules
  • Wireless, infrared, and Bluetooth transmissions
  • Control and monitoring of motor use and efficiency
  • Data gathered from analogue sensors such as pulse or raindrop sensors
  • Power/current supply
  • The functionality of screens/displays

All these components can be integrated into a single ecosystem working towards achieving some important goals, such as:

  • Managing facilities to optimise energy, waste, pollution, and utility services
  • Monitoring inventory and consumption patterns and automating proactive inventory replenishment in real-time
  • Forecasting operations and production schedules
  • Deriving insights from every device/machine on your network for pervasive visibility
  • Enhancing safety and security with integrated software to monitor suspicious behaviour and identify threats
  • Optimising fleet management by collecting and transmitting data through telematics devices generated by GPS sensors to determine real-time locations
  • Plus, many, many more…

If you’re interested in the many incredible uses of IIOT and are wondering how this technology can be implemented in your business or you’re simply looking to get together with a host of great business leaders, make sure you book a free ticket to Chester Business Show – we’d love to see you there!

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