There's been a lot of talk lately about the introduction of the new release of Microsoft Windows – Windows 8. Having been to previews and development camps, I can't help find myself wondering if Microsoft have moved the User Interface down the wrong route… all very good for people with slates, devices or TVs, but how about those of us who are using our workstations day in day out for corporate work. We need a simple, fast way of getting to the applications that we use on a daily basis, rather than something that's going to be enormous fun and (to use Microsoft's own terminology) "wholly immersing". I suggest those of you who are interested should go and take a look, and perhaps you'd like to add your own comments too… R.


ED: Well well well ! – looks like Big Bill must have been reading my blog, as it now seems that the Windows 8.1 UI will have some tweaks because of all the grumbling that's ben going on.


However, whilst I like the Windows 7 style desktop, I think Microsoft should be thinking forward rather than back… The Windows 8 "desktop" was just the old Windows 7 desktop (weren't they trying to move beyond that?) with some of the more useful features removed (like the nice little button that let you find stuff). So, Windows 8.1 needs to give us a Windows 8.1 interface for corporate activities, as well as the Metro interface for all the less intensive (sorry… "wholly immersing"!) stuff. Perhaps the Windows 7 style "Desktop" is the best thing around, but I can't help thinking that in this day and age a really clever person should be able to come up with something better, that actually uses the new hardware (multi touch etc) that is coming on line.


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