Over the last few years, the digital market has shifted from laptops and desktops to smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets, meaning whatever your business does – it needs to be accessible from you client’s pocket (or wrist). And what better way to do this than with an app?

Back in 2009, Apple coined the saying ‘There’s an App for That’, and it stuck. From helping people to book online, to enhancing customer loyalty, to offering an instant platform for communication, or enabling IoT control of your offices – there’s an app for that, and we can help develop it.

Having a personalised app for your business provides huge opportunities to attract potential leads, maintain engagement with existing clients, and replace paper-based processes. Plus, it will give you an edge over competitors by highlighting your company as future-thinking and customer-focused; gaining you great ROI.

When developing your app, there are a variety of factors to consider, such as target audience, budget, features, purpose, etc. At RGS IT, all we need to know is the problem you’re trying to solve or the process you’re trying to enhance, and we’ll help you answer all these questions to develop an app that’s perfect for your business needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing software.

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There are many benefits to building an app for your business, but some of the main ones include:

1. Added value to Customers

Staying ahead of market trends is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage. No matter your business, providing your customers with an app is a great added value offer. You can develop a rewards scheme or loyalty points for your app users or integrate your existing rewards programme into the new technology. Offering clients a reward for their loyalty enhances a feeling of community while allowing you to increase interaction and boost sales.

Plus, having an app means your logo is always on your clients’ phones (and you can even request to send them notifications) so they’ll never forget your product/services, and won’t even consider turning to your competitors.

2) Promotes Customer Interaction


Instead of email, texts, chatbots, or other forms of direct messaging, customers can now contact you whenever they want via your app. They don’t have to search for you online, wait for the page to load, and then access your customer services or contact page – oh no. They simply unlock their phone, click the app, and boom – secure instant messaging is available literally at their fingertips.

And this works both ways. If you’re looking for a simple way to maintain contact with your customers, employees, or leads, all you have to do is encourage them to download the app and you’re guaranteed communication with them at any time. Having instant access to your customer base not only speeds up your processes, but it increases accessibility in both directions, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction. 

3) Information Storage

login and password

Allowing your customers to access their profile/portal via your app is also a great way to manage and access client information. You may already have a website with a secure portal, but making this available to your clients via an app improves the accessibility and efficiency of your processes.

People of today’s generation are always in a hurry and always online, so combining the efficiency of a mobile app with access to an online portal appeals to everyone’s desires. Besides, storing all your client’s information (whether it’s timesheets, records of previous activity with your business or personal details) in one secure area just makes life easier for everyone.

So, if you have a paper-based process or an online portal/service that you think could be levelled up with an app or other technology solution, talk to our team of Imagineers – our creative engineers who are used to working on tech solutions for any business problem.

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